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Homeschoolers of Memphis eclectic’s mission is to connect homeschooling families through an inclusive local groups that encourage members to share resources, learn together and build a diverse community.

Homeschoolers of Memphis eclectic is inclusive. The network’s membership includes various ethnicities and cultures, divergent spiritual and religious worldviews, assorted political and social philosophies, and a broad range of educational approaches involving children from all levels of ability in families of different shapes and sizes.

Homeschoolers of Memphis eclectic is member-led. All members are encouraged to plan activities they want for their own families and would like to share with the HOMe. The range of activities offered by each local group depends on the interests of the participating families and their willingness to plan HOMe events.

Homeschoolers of Memphis eclectic maintains an online community for its members. The HOMe forum provides private message boards for planning activities and gatherings, as well as boards for sharing experiences and ideas with other HOMe members.


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Homeschoolers of Memphis eclecticHomeschoolers of Memphis eclectic

Why do I need to learn this stuff? Watch this excellent talk from Jon Bennett as he explains his thoughts on math. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyowJZxrtbg ... See MoreSee Less

Talk title: Why math instruction is unnecessary John is a teacher of math and a homeschooling parent who offers a radical-sounding proposal: that we cease to...

2 days ago

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